about ME

I love this town. I treasure how special this place is. I am running because I see changes in motion that will destroy what we all love about Post Falls. Help me save Post Falls by stopping high density growth.




No more apartments for Californians at our expense.

High density growth is the biggest challenge facing Post Falls. With large apartments and the large number of renters that come with them, we - the current residents of Post Falls - are being forced to subsidize a seemingly unending influx of newcomers. It is not our responsibility, nor is it fair, for us to have to pay for this growth with our tax dollars, our time in traffic, or even our very lives to the increase in crime that inevitably follows urbanization.

These apartments do nothing to address the legitimate concerns locals have on how they will afford a home. How does using valuable land to increase the renter pool with more prospective buyers from out-of-state in any way help locals become home owners? The answer is it doesn't. The only people who benefit from high density housing are land developers and people who don't even live here.

As a member of City Council, I would only support Single Family Zoning for housing. After all, if the point of all this growth is to provide opportunity for current residents to afford a home, why would we be doing anything other than building homes for them to buy?

I would only support mixed use zoning if it came with the stipulation that apartments were not built. I would support the imposition of a high or story limit on housing to limit all building in the town. For commercial zoning, I would support smaller lot sizes so we can build more small businesses instead of large malls filled with Big Box stores.


I would vote against any mask or vaccine mandate, and I would oppose the enforcement of any public or private mandates within City limits.


Small businesses are the backbone of a small town, and all efforts to support businesses should go to small businesses owned by residents. I will devote myself to being available and responsive to the needs of our small business community.


I am not in favor of tech parks, or any subsidies given to out-of-state businesses to come here. All that will happen is those businesses will bring their own workers, and further drive up the cost of housing here.


I am a huge advocate of public recreation. Building a strong community is not only about keeping hordes of Californians at bay, but about providing spaces and opportunities for locals to meet and play together.

I would take inspiration from recent work by the Coeur d'Alene City Council with the North Idaho Dodgeball Association and work together with local organizations to establish pick-up games and rec leagues to get more adults involved in healthy activities.