Hello! I'm Eric Klinkhammer, and I'm running for Post Falls City Council Seat 6 against Linda "Traffic Jam" Wilhelm to protect what we love about this community from being overrun by density and apartment complexes to accommodate Californians.​ I work as a software developer.

We all know what we like about Post Falls. It is a safe and small town. People here know their neighbors, and develop actual community because we are invested in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our city. We are not anonymous strangers packed in some complex until we inevitably leave. Here, we interact with the same people - day in and day out - around town, in church, and in our beautiful public spaces. 

This community is something special, and I should know, because I am a new resident myself. I moved to North Idaho in June 2020 from Seattle. I can say with absolute confidence what we all should already know - that Post Falls is something special.

As a Seattle resident living downtown, I went years without knowing my neighbors names. They'd change so frequently it wasn't worth it, and often we didn't even share a language. The parking garage was only accessible to residents, and yet my car was broken into every year. Not to worry, because Seattle has a thriving industry of rapid window repair.

In contrast, I met my first current neighbor (shoutout to Scott and Amy) before I even moved in - this town is so small we bumped into each other at a coffee shop, and people here are so friendly they strike up conversations. On one of my first few days in my new house, I realized frantically that I had forgotten to close my garage door and sped home, only to discover that nothing was stolen and the neighbors were keeping watch.

I know from personal experience that the density my opponent is bringing to this town will destroy every last semblance of neighborly kindness and comradery, and I am running because I truly value what I have now.​

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